Meet Your Council!

*all positions are elected by student vote


Tori Scherle

I am a PhD student in the Harris Lab studying protein/ligand interactions using in silico and in vitro approches for various Natural Health Products. This is my second year as president and can't wait to continue bringing our grad students the best events and support. Outside of academics I am the president & founder of Achezzo Acappella and have held previous leadership roles in other clubs that have prepared me to take on this role. I also enjoy reading, creating content and adventuring!

Vice President & Communications

Maddie Empey

I am a PhD student in the Trudeau lab studying the effects of insecticides on amphibians. My passions include being outdoors, reading, writing, gardening, and of course, frogs. I look forward to contributing to the BGSA as Vice President & Communications and making our community welcoming for students. If you have anything you want to share with the department or have general questions, feel free to email me!

Student Support Advisor

Tovah Kashetsky

I’m a PhD student studying wild bee cognition in the Forrest lab. In my downtime, I love socializing, being creative, watching movies, and keeping active. Please reach out if you have any concerns. As the student support advisor, I’m always here to help!

VP Social Media & GSAÉD Councillor

Brianna Raven

I’m a PhD student in the Trudeau lab studying novel hormones and how they affect amphibian reproduction. Outside of research I enjoy rock climbing, cooking, and the outdoors. I am so excited to be VP Social Media for the BGSA to expand my creativity and to be more involved! Feel free to reach out on any social media sites if you have any questions or concerns and I’ll be happy to help!

VP Finance

Roisin Kierstead

I’m Roisin, your VP Finance. I’m a MSc student in the Forrest lab. I study how forest cover and temperature in crop fields influences wild bees and wasps. I am inspired by the ecology of bugs, plants, birds, and other critters. I spend my free time painting, crocheting, cooking or hanging out at Happy Goat.

Bilingualism Officer

Karen Kadamani

I am in my second year of PhD in the Pamenter lab after fast-tracking. The immune system is absolutely fascinating to me and so I study the immune response in naked-mole rats, one of the most hypoxia-tolerant mammals identified to date. I started graduate school during the pandemic, but now I hope to finally be able to meet my fellow biograds in person! Outside of research, I love reading books and am finally building my own collection.​ 

CUPE Representatives

Anik Martin

I’m a first year master’s student in the Chan Lab. My research focuses on Thaleichthys pacificus, a very oily fish that can be found off the coast of BC. I will be studying how traditional Indigenous preparation techniques can change their nutritional content and comparing this to commercially available omega-3 supplements. As a new student in Ottawa, I joined the BGSA to meet other graduate students and get involved in the community.

Malika Ouedraogo

I'm a master's student in Frances Pick's lab studying the chronic toxicity of lithium on freshwater invertebrates. In my spare time, I enjoy photography, reading, cooking, anime, and outdoor activities. As a CUPE representative, I will be with you all the way and act as a liaison bridge to keep you up to date on the latest union news and activities.  Feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have, I will be happy to help!

Victor Distefano Wiltenburg

I'm an ethnobotany PhD student in the Harris Lab, researching urban and contemporary Ayahuasca ceremonies in Brazil and Canada. As a CUPE representative, I will do my best to work with the union to defend Biograd students' rights and better wages.